Lousy BooksWelcome to the world of Brad the Head Louse and his offspring. Mike Davies’s ‘Lousy’ books follow the adventures of ordinary school children with extraordinary friends: head lice that talk to them.

‘Lousy Thinking’ was first published in October 2012.

‘Lousy Behaviour’ was first published in March 2013.

Lousy Thinking One energetic playtime, something amazing happens to Jake Mills. A head louse accidentally bites into a nerve that gives him a hotline to the boy’s thoughts and memories. Amazed by what he finds, including vast areas of under-used brain, Brad the head louse encourages Jake to make the most of what he has between his ears.

Hilarious – such an imaginative book.The Guardian 

Sweet, funny and inspirational.” TheBookBag.co.uk

Seriously, surprisingly, brilliantTeach Primary Magazine

 Lousy Behaviour Jake still has a head lice problem. There’s another bloodsucker on his mind and this one wants to be an actor. Chuck, as he calls himself, makes Jake audition for the school show. But rehearsals are cloaked in suspicion as things start to go missing from his classmates’ bags. Together, they try to catch the thief, but can they solve the crime and steal the show?

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“Brilliant, have-to-have, because of that little imp Brad.” – Lewes, age 9

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